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Andrew W.K.: Party of One


Andrew sits

in the gloaming

nursing a scotch like


The wonderful Briallen Hopper recently published an essay called White People Problems in Killing the Buddha. Ms. Hopper’s piece was written in response to a column by Andrew W.K. Mr. W.K. has since published another column…


My badass friend Ash survives cancer and channels Beyoncé.

Andrew WK shared your essay on his Facebook!

Craziness! Thanks for letting me know!

White People Problems: A Time for Burning after Ferguson

I wrote about racism, privilege, cinéma vérité, and Andrew W.K. for Killing the Buddha.

That Uncanny Feeling When Someone Else Writes the Story of Your Life



by Brenda Shaughnessy

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Swim to a private island with a handsome stranger and tell him things you’ve never told anyone else

Myrna Loy and William PowellLibeled Lady  1936

Swim to a private island with a handsome stranger and tell him things you’ve never told anyone else


Myrna Loy and William Powell
Libeled Lady  1936

Quotenote: Bettye LaVette


"Pine, but pine hearty!" Bettye LaVette on romantic nostalgia.

A Bette for Every Occasion

Quotenote: Ngaio Marsh

"Martyn struggled with an acute attack of deflation. She tried to call herself to order. This in itself was a humiliating, if salutary, exercise. If, she thought savagely, she had been a Victorian young lady, she would at this juncture have locked herself away with a plush-bound journal and, after shedding some mortified tears, forced a confession out of herself. As it was, she set her jaw and worked it out there and then." Ngaio Marsh, Night at the Vulcan, 1951

Psalm 82/Trayvon

Reposting for Michael Brown on the day of his burial.



God, you take your stand in the council of heaven;

You give judgment in the midst of the gods.

How long will you judge unjustly,

And show favor to the wicked?

Give justice to the weak and the orphan;

Defend the right of the lowly and the destitute. 

Rescue the weak and the poor;

Deliver them from the power of the wicked.

Give justice to the children who are born with targets on their backs,

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I’m in the red flip-flops.

I’m in the red flip-flops.

Group Hug on the Last Day of Class!

It’s the brilliant beautiful Freshman Scholars at Yale! I miss them already.

Prayer of Praise for Academic Joy!


For the shock of recognition we feel when we are learning
that galvanizes us like an electrical current
and connects us with people from every time and place—
For reading and knowing we are not alone—
For projects that arise from delight—
For words that flow when we want them,
For perfect solutions that come to us as we’re falling asleep,
For the conversations where we push through,
Weave over and under,
And find ourselves in a new place none of us have ever been before,
For the seminars and workshops and rehearsals where we feel
That we are creating something,
Collectively forging something new and glowing in the air,
We praise you, magnify you, glorify you, lift you up,
O God of every true thing,
The Author, the Creator, who made us to revel in your creation
And to create knowledge and beauty in your image.

Happy Birthday Myrna Loy!


For better, for worse, for drunker, for soberer, in the Midwest and Manhattan, in waders and white satin, to love, cherish, and dance with, as long as we both shall live: Myrna Loy gave marriage a good name. I wrote about one of her best wifely turns in the Los Angeles Review of Books:

"This is the film’s bracing view of romance, one in which men and women walk into love already embracing the worse, the poorer, the sickness of wedding vows. In the movie’s most emotionally expressive speech, Milly sums up her relationship with Al as a series of difficult returns to the same familiar but often hard-to-find place: ‘How many times have I told you I hated you and believed it in my heart? How many times have you said you were sick and tired of me; that we were all washed up? How many times have we had to fall in love all over again?’”